Why Supporting Rights For Men And Boys Is Important For Young Men Growing Up

Male rights. What in the world? In a world where the archetypical villain is often cast as the white anglo saxon Protestant male, it is quite shocking to learn that there is such a thing as a men’s rights or fathers’ rights movement. After all, we’ve all heard of feminism, the civil rights movements of the 60s, gay rights, disability rights, and the Native American movement, but male rights? It is a real movement and its aims are also genuine. Far from re-establishing white males as the privileged center of power and advantage in America, the male rights movement is all about equalizing the legal playing field between women and men when it comes to child custody. Many jurisdictions follow the legal standard in familyfather-and-son custody of ‘the child’s best interest.’ However, many judges, it can be argued the majority, favor giving women sole custody of children. Many men have a tough time getting visitation rights for their kids. To add insult to injury, in their eyes, they are asked to foot the bill in the form of, for many, massive child support payments. In the eyes of the men in the men’s rights and fathers’ rights movement, fighting for the rights of males is important to the young men who will form the next generation’s fathers. And it’s not about being pretty or not either, even when they would take appetite suppressants (as on loseyourappetite.com) to lose weight or learn how to boil eggs (as on eggtutor) and other great weight loss foods, although it’s still better to go on a bike trip, like I will next month (http://www.hollandcycletours.com/ ). Some of them are also good for growing hair out.

It’s all about fairness and equity
For me personally, being a contributor to some great innovative websites and projects, I can’t fathom people who shy away from facts to support their feminist or other one-sided causes. I care about real equality between men and women, and men are part of that too, not just women. While dreaming of total equality will often leave one in, well, dreamland, dreaming of an equitable arrangement is another matter entirely. While equality is a pipe dream, equitable solutions and fairness can be achieved. It just requires clarity, and that is precisely what many advocates in the male rights/father’s rights movement aim to bring to the table. They want a fair division of child custody and a fair award for child visitation. Many claim to be asking only for fairness. They aren’t asking courts to totally get them off the hook They claim they are just asking for what’s theirs. Even when it would just about something as simple as to lose weight (like advocated on http://wlzine.com/ways-how-to-lose-weight-fast/) it should be about the same things.

Court preferences shouldn’t get in the way of male child role models
Part of the reason why there is such a high juvenile delinquency and crime rate among certain segments of young males is the absence of a father figure in their lives. Father figures and role models are important for impressionable young males. These role models can influence how these young men make decisions Role models give clues as to how young men should handle their emotions, control their impulses, and respond to temptations. The best role models teach children, not just young men, to postpone enjoyment now so they can pursue their goals. All this is lost when courts favor mothers and, oftentimes, effectively shut out fathers from the lives of their children.